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By Neena Saravade.

Motivational Speaker, Management Consultant and an Organization Developer

Being a system developer I am working with different types of organizations and personalities. I created many formats as per the management requirement (Reporting system, Stock checking, Inward – Outward, Sales, Marketing, Staff Performance, every report with analytical aspect and many more…..) and working on the system development part which works on the betterment of an organization.

While consulting, staff training I observed that, when we work with a manual system the transparency get hamper and also anyone can manipulate any reports as per their convenience. It could be another cause to create an unhealthy atmosphere in organizations.

The business automation is a need of all industries. Automation ensures that the information is automatically sent where we need it, keeping the information current, and preventing the team from spending a lot of time.

With automation tools we can increase visibility into business’s operations by centralizing data in such a way which makes it easy to figure out holistically on company performance and also individual staff/team performance. With this we can even isolate the performance of one department.

With so many different systems in place, it can be difficult to know exactly what is happening at every moment. For instance, if an employee wanted to delete tasks they didn’t want to do, we need a processes in place to know this went on. What if deleting something was an accident? How would you know something was accidentally deleted and have the opportunity to get the information back?

Automation reduces human errors by providing a digital trail for your entire operation in one place. It provides increased accountability for everybody’s actions across different systems, so issues like these aren’t a problem.

Automation is an easy way to develop and increased to grow and serve more clients of an organization. When selecting the right automation tools for the business, ensure that whatever solutions we are evaluating helps in these key areas.

Technology that help the organization to manage workflows, automate redundant tasks, provide consistent experience to all customers which will help to provide superior levels of service to customers and helps to improve the bottom line.

Business automation supports the knowledge of staff. It also helps to minimize operational costs, freeing up personnel to perform higher-level tasks which add value to the company. Clients become happier when you can assist them immediately and cut down the human error.

While implementing Business Automation, we can go for Payrolls, Task Management Apps, ERP and Small applications to reduce time, material and resources losses during business operations.

The author of the above blog is Mrs. Neena Saravade. She is a Motivational Speaker, Management Consultant, Organization Developer, Certified Trainer, Coach, NLP practitioner, Psychological Counselor and Director of Management Consultancy Company named “Prabhodit” She has conducted more than 800 seminars/workshops for different types of industries.  

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