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Brochure Designing

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We design corporate brochures, flyers, CD Covers, Files and all other printable material for our clients.
Brochure is a direct marketing material that creates an impression about any company among its customers. The characteristics of a good brochure include good planning about the images to be used, text, the print quality and above all, the target market.The images used and the text written play vital role as only these two induce the customers to open up their minds to what they read as content. The images used should be relevant to the motto of the business and should also be appealing. The text written should be crispy and to the point.

Brochures can be classified as two types. The first type is designed specifically for customers who do not know anything about your service or product. These brochures are usually bright with appealing design and captivating titles. These brochures are not loaded with content but have only a brief description about the company and what it offers. These are displayed in public places where there are more possibilities for the public to view and pick it up.The second type is for those customers who are already aware of the product or service and are also interested in learning more about your business. This brochure usually has a lot of content in it which explains more about the company. These brochures should be given out only to those customers who have already learned about your company but not to new bees who might get frustrated to see a load of text displayed to be read just to know what you offer.